A Bare Beautiful You

The Ultimate Gift.

Foot Reflexology

An ancient technique modernly used to stimulate the body's natural healing capabilities. Let your stress melt away with one of our custom sessions.
                                  30   minutes    $35
                                  60  minutes    $45
                                                                                                         Add On *       $ 6 each
                                                                                                        *sugar scrub and/or aromatherapy

Ear Piercing

A little accessorizing never hurt. Offering the latest Studex professional ear piercing system. Sterilized and done by our piercing engineers as painlessly as possible.

Single        $15

                                                                       Double      $25

                                                                       Earrings   $12 

Eyebrow Shaping

Neat, clean, everlasting -- Get the best shape for your face!

Massage and Acupuncture

Our massages are customized to achieve total relaxation, improve skin and muscle tone, increase circulation, and remove toxins from the body. Book your massage today!

Acupuncture is the practice of placing very thin needles through the skin in specific locations of the body for the purpose of healing and relief symptoms. 

Both services are provided by licensed and insured practitioners.