A Bare Beautiful You

The Ultimate Gift.

Laser Hair Removal 

An innovative medical procedure that uses a laser — better known as an intense, pulsating beam of light — to remove unwanted hair...for good!

Laser Hair Removal Treatments are based on an individual consultation with one of our highly trained experts with over 20  years of hair removal experience. All our consultations are convenient, informative and always free of charge! We believe in our services and products. We only offer highest quality products in a clean and quiet setting. We will price match any competitor within a 15 mile radius. Please contact our office at (845) 494-7300 for further information.


  • Small Areas ~ Upper Lip, Chin, Ears, Eyebrows, Hairline, Widow's Peak, Fingers/Toes
  • Medium Areas ~ Sideburns, Neck, Hand/Feet, Underarms, Shoulders, Half-Arm, Bikini Line, Abdomen
  • Large Areas ~ Full Arms, Half-Legs, Upper/Lower Back, Partial Brazilian
  • Extra-Large Areas ~ Full Legs, Full Back, Full Brazilian

*All laser packages must be used within 6 month from date of purchase


By inserting a sterile probe directly into the hair follicle and delivering a low-level electrical current, electrolysis destroys the part of the follicle which nourishes growth, leaving your skin silky and fabulous for years to come.

                     15 minutes   $35

         30 minutes  $50

         45 minutes  $65

                                            60 minutes  $80